Dave Calendine

Theatre Organist, Mechanical Music Buff


Text Box: This is me right after a concert at the Senate Theatre in Detroit, playing the wonderful Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ.
Text Box: My new home page...still a work in progress!
Text Box: Welcome to those curious enough to find out what I do, and for those crazy fools that have been to my site before, welcome back.
Itís been over 5 years since I completely overhauled my web site.  Why so long?  I have no idea.  Why this new design and not another?  I have no idea.  But at least I have a new site up and running.  Hopefully, I will keep it updated this time!
At the same time, I decided to create a Myspace page.  It is www.myspace.com/pipeorgans.  So where did I get the time to do all this?  Well, letís just say that some other projects that I needed to do are STILL waiting to be done!
The tabs on the left of the page will take you around to the pages of this web site to the pages that I came up with this time around on my redesign.
Comments are greatly appreciated.  My contact information is below on this page.  Thanks!
Text Box: Dave Calendine
1258 Surrey Hts.
Westland, MI  48186

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